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Instructor Rating

Build flight hours and gain experience while teaching someone else to fly.

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After obtaining a commercial licence, many pilots then work to obtain their Instructor Rating. This enables them to teach other students and is the most common way for new pilots to build their flying experience while being paid.

There are different levels of instructor ratings. Category A, B and C. Category C (or C-Cat) is the first.
C-Cat instructors will be under the direct supervision of an A or B-Cat instructor, until they have obtained at least 100 hours of instructing.

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What does it take to be an instructor?

Flight instructors need a sound knowledge of basic aerodynamics in order to teach a student to fly.
Students will regularly ask their instructor questions, ranging from 'why do propeller blades have a twist?', to 'what causes cloud to swirl when planes fly through them?'.
As an instructor we need to be able to answer as many questions as possible.

Teaching standards are set by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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