PPL & CPL Licence


Private Pilot Licence

A Private Pilot Licence (or PPL) allows the holder to fly to any destination within New Zealand, and carry passengers
The holder can also own and operate an aircraft as long as the aircraft has regular maintenance by an appropriately qualified aircraft engineer.

However, a PPL holder cannot charge passengers for their services.
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Commercial Pilot Licence

A Commercial Pilot Licence (or CPL) has the same privileges as a PPL, but allows the holder to operate an aircraft for the purpose of hire or reward. 

Meaning the holder can fly commercially for an organisation that operates under the Civil Aviation Authority (or CAA).

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Flight Training Costs

The aircraft is charged at an hourly rate of $290 per flying hour (incl instructor fees). Additional costs include landing & circuit fees and ground instruction fees if applicable. 

Each lesson will usually start with a 30 minute classroom briefing, then followed by a 30 - 45 minute flight.
At the end of each lesson your instructor will give you a quick debrief of your performance, including good points & and things to practice on future lessons.