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About Us

Our primary business is our airline, made up of light twin engine aircraft as well as a few single engine aircraft. Our smaller single engine aircraft also make up our fleet of trainer aircraft.

Being light and maneuverable make them great for training and their large capacity make them good air transport.

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Our Story

During lockdown many flight training organisations like L3 Harris in Hamilton went under. With many flight instructors now looking for jobs it opened up the possibility of starting our own flight school in Tauranga.

We were previously providing part time flight instruction in Whangarei (one of our destinations) but we now have regular flight training activity in both Tauranga and Whangarei.

With air travel likely to pick up in the future we think now is the perfect time for students to pursue their dream to fly and start their aviation journey with Sunair 'the Big Little Airline'!

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