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Whiteboard Lesson Briefings

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These Briefings are for C-Cat's to refer to when presenting a whiteboard briefing during their training. They can also be printed, and put in a folder for use when no computer (PowerPoint) material is available.

Note: These briefings were created, and are the property of Sunair. These briefings are not to used / distributed without Sunair's permission.


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Basic Stalling
Slow Flight
Circuit Introduction
Circuit Considerations
Flapless Landing
Glide Approach
Crosswind Circuits
Vacating & Joining + SOHJ
Steep Turns
Advanced Stalls
Wing-Drop Stalls
Short-Field TO & LDG
Low Flying Introduction
Low Flying Considerations
Precautionary Landing
Compass Turns
IF Introduction
IF Limited Panel
IF Unusual Attitudes
FLWOP Pattern
FLWOP Considerations