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Lesson Briefings

All speed references in these briefings are taken from the Cessna 172M flight manual.

Note: These briefings were created, and are the property of Sunair.
These briefings are not to be used / distributed without Sunair's permission.

Basic concepts

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effects of primary controls.jpg

1. Effects of Primary Controls

flaps & slats.jpg

2. Effects of Ancillary Controls

dash 8 low pass.jpg

3. Straight and Level


4. Climbing and Descending


5. Medium Turns

slow flight.jpg

7. Slow Flight

basic stalling.jpg

6. Basic Stalling

Circuit training

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circuit introduction.jpg
circuit introduction.jpg

8. Circuit Introduction

circuit considerations.jpg

9. Circuit Considerations

flapless landings.jpg

10. Flapless Landings

engine failure after takeoff.webp

11. Engine Failure After Takeoff

glide approach.jpg

12. Glide Approach

crosswind circuits.jpg

13. Crosswind Circuit


14. Vacating and Joining

flwop considerations.PNG

17. FLWOP Considerations

radio failure #2.PNG

15. Radio Failure

flwop pattern.jpg

16. FLWOP Pattern

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Advanced manoeuvres

stall in the turn.jpg
steep turns.jpg

18. Steep Turns

advanced stalls.jpg

19. Advanced Stalling

wingdrop stalls.jpg

20. Wing-drop Stalling

Short-field takeoff & landing.jpg

21. Short-field Takeoff and Landing

low flying introduction.jpg

22. Low Flying Introduction

precautionary landing.JPG

24. Precautionary Landing

low flying considerations.png

23. Low Flying Considerations

Instrument flying

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instrument flying introduction.jpg
compass turns.jpg

25. Compass Turns

instrument flying introduction.jpg

26. Instrument Flying Introduction

instrument flying limited panel.jpg

27. Instrument Flying Limited Panel

instrument flying unusual attitudes.jpg

28. Instrument Flying Unusual Attitudes

CPL lessons

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Multi-Engine IFR.jpg
max rate turns.jpg

1. Max Rate Turns

steep gliding turns.jpg

2. Steep Gliding Turns

stall in the turn.jpg

3. Stall in the Turn

constant radius turn.jpg

4. Constant Radius Turns

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