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Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

This rating is required by all pilots prior to applying for an airline. It allows the pilot to fly in 'IFR' (Instrument Flight Rules) in a multi-engine aircraft.

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What is an MEIR?

Besides having experience operating an aircraft, all major airlines will not employ pilots unless they have a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (or MEIR). The rating allows the pilot to fly IFR (in cloud) from departure to arrival only becoming visual just before landing.
Since most large aircraft operate under IFR all the time this is a must have rating for pilots withing to fly 'the big ones.'

Trainer Aircraft

Our Piper PA-23 Aztec's make up most of our fleet of Air Transport aircraft, and are also used for training towards an MEIR. Each aircraft has IFR capability and have non-turbo charged 250hp engines.
The Aztec has retractable landing gear, cowl flaps, and constant speed propellers.


GNSS and Nav Aid equipment

Our Piper PA-23 Aztec's have conventional navigation instruments (i.e. VOR/DME & ADF). Some of our aircraft also have Garmin G430 GPS units, which allow RNAV approaches to be conducted. 

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