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Student Resources

Welcome student! The following material is created/collected to help you during your flight training.

Getting Started


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How to use Garmin G430 / Audio panel

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Visual Navigation Charts

Tauranga - Northern

TRG - Northern.png

Tauranga - Southern

TRG - Southern.png



AIP Plates

The AIP Vol 4 has detailed information for most aerodromes in New Zealand. A copy of the 'Aerodrome Plates' can be found at

Aspeq Exams

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Online study material for the exams can be found at
They provide animated, instructional modules for each subject that explain the subject in great detail.

pilots logbook.png

Alternative self-study material (pilot books) can be found at
The books explain the subjects in detail and also have reviews at the end of each chapter.

Book an Exam

To book an exam, search You will need to register if you haven't already, to do so click the Register button (top right). If you have already registered, click the Log In button. 


Once logged in select the Bookings tab, then under bookings select Book Exam. Then under Specialisation select Flight Crew. Select the applicable licence (PPL), and the exam you want to book.

aspeq #3.PNG

Finally, select the Date and Venue and process the payment.
Note: Allow sufficient time to prepare for the exam as you will be committed to sit the exam when within
5 days of the exam date.

Exam Result / KRD's

exam result.png

Download your exam result from your Aspeq account. Under 'Knowledge Deficiency Report' you'll find references for the questions answered incorrectly.
The syllabus references are found on CAA's website under 
'Advisory Circulars'. AC61-3 has the 'Written Examination Syllabus' in Appendix II. To view AC61-3 CLICK HERE.

For any questions answered incorrectly, you will need to write a KDR with the correct answers, and demonstrate your understanding of those questions to your instructor before that exam can be sighed off.

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Cessna 172 Data


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Excel Spreadsheet

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ZK-DXO Weight & Balance

Flight Test Preparation

The PPL flight test usually starts with the examiner asking you questions about aviation law, weather, navigation, aircraft flight manual etc.
You will then make weight & balance, and performance calculations based on data given by the examiner.
Finally you will demonstrate a passenger brief, and take the examiner to the training area to test your skills in various manoeuvres, i.e. turns, stalls, FLWOP, precautionary landing, circuit procedures etc.
To view the PPL Flight Test Standards Guide 

The CPL flight test is essentially the same as PPL, just to a higher standard plus a few additional manoeuvres. To view the CPL Flight Test Standards Guide CLICK HERE.

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CPL Questionaire
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